SlopeFillers 2018 Survey
It's been twelve months since the pivot to more stories about resort marketers and nearly eight since SlopeFillers began. The last year has been great in some ways (getting more of your stories) and tough in others (this approach has meant a more sporadic posting schedule than I anticipated) which makes it a perfect time to get your feedback, adjust, and move forward.
What are your favorite parts of SlopeFillers (pick two)?
Is there anything I used to do on SlopeFillers that you wish I'd bring back?
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Is there anything I've never done on SlopeFillers that you wish I'd start doing?
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When you're not on SlopeFillers, in which format do you prefer to consume marketing-related content?
What is the biggest resort marketing challenge you'll likely face in the coming year?
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If you wanted to read up on a trend or strategy and had your choice between the following, which would you choose?
Any specific marketing topics or trends that come to mind you've been thinking about a lot lately?
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Any last thoughts, advice, or ideas?
I wish I had all the answers, but the truth is that I'm still learning as much today as I was eight years ago. I do a lot of "what I'd do in your shoes" but I've always learned a ton when those tables have turned like they are in this question.
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