2019 TAPS OMGcon Volunteer Application
Please fill out this brief form. If accepted, you'll be asked to join our OMG!con Volunteer group on facebook, which allows us to efficiently reach out to everyone.

Our Volunteers come in three "tiers" that define what we expect from someone and what we provide in return. These range from entry-level to far more advanced, year-round assistance. It is our goal to have you provide assistance that we need in a way that allows you to fully enjoy the rest of OMG!con. You can see these tiers in a simple inforgraphic here: https://goo.gl/JcWkPL

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Not Guaranteed. Please see the link above for a brief breakdown of our tiers.
Will you be needing a hotel room? These will be at an off-site hotel, only available to Tier 3's who live an hour or more away, and will cost $50 up front. *
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Not guaranteed
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For our Entry-Level Volunteers, we offer a one-day pass for 4 hours of work. Would this interest you? *
If you attended other days, you would need to purchase a badge like other convention attendees.
Have you read the Volunteer Rules & Regulations? *
They are available at OMGcon.com, with some information provided in the Google Drive link at the top of this page.
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