Muse Masquerade: Call to artists, musicians, djs, performers...
Are you our Muse?

Do you create sound, movement, visuals or interactions that captivate or intrigue onlookers? Do you have a unique talent or creative spark? Do you want to be a part of Durham’s best party of the year?

The Muse Masquerade is the annual fundraiser for The Carrack ( Once a year, we take over all three floors of the galleries at Durham’s 21c Museum Hotel to entertain several hundred costumed guests who love the arts and want to experience something fantastic! Giving guests an EXPERIENCE is the key--what can you do or show them that will create a unique and unforgettable experience?

Here is your chance to pitch us your idea. There is nothing too far outside the box!

Our event planning team will evaluate your submission and contact you if it looks like a good fit for the event--the event itself is evolving, based on what we receive from you. If you are selected/hired, you’ll get lots of PR as we market the event over the next six months via email, social media, print materials and more.

Also, while this is a fundraiser, we are not asking you to work for free. We want to pay artists for their work. Please see more about this below.

Our event is not strongly themed beyond being a masquerade ball but this year we have a bent toward mystery, magic and the otherworldly.

This year’s Muse Masquerade is the evening of FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 so **please make sure you are available that date** before submitting your idea and **mark it on your calendar now**, please, because at the very least we want to see you there as a guest!

DEADLINE: While we are not establishing a deadline for submitting this form, the sooner we hear from you the better. The earlier we can make decisions about the event, the smoother everything will go.

See pics from 2016 here, if you weren't able to attend:

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