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Due to the major information asymmetry in the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, it is difficult to find accurate information through reliable sources. Although our team has made a significant effort in checking our current data, we know this tracker might be missing deals or may have inaccuracies. We will continue to adapt it as we receive additional information.

Please note that any data you provide us through this form will be published in our open source Deal Flow Tracker, unless requested otherwise by you. If there are questions on this survey that you would like to answer but would prefer keeping your responses off-the-record, please point out specifically in the comment/feedback section at the end which responses would you prefer keeping off-the-record.
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Feel free to provide a contact number for quicker coordination in the event that we have further questions or want clarification on certain deals.
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Please, convert the investment amount (from any other currency) to USD using the dollar exchange rate applicable to when the investment was made.
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If you would like to keep some details of this deal off the record (such as, name of investor, amount, etc.), please leave specific instructions in your response to the next question regarding this.
Feel free to leave comments/feedback on how we can improve this survey for collecting deal related data. Let us know if there are any other questions you believe we should be asking. We thank you for your time!!
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