FCFOA Crew Chief Report
It is the expectation that all crew chiefs in Foothill-Citrus will complete the Crew Chief Report on their Varsity Crew. This
Report will be filed no less than Sunday Noon following the completed Varsity game, be it a Friday or Saturday
contest. This Crew Chief Report is the primary document that will be used at the end of the season rating meeting.

1) Enter the names of the teams and the halftime and final score.
2) Under Game Overview, enter a brief synopsis of the game indicating what went well and what were the issues, if any.
3) Under Crew Review, enter the names of the crew next to the position.
4) Enter comments on all the positions both positive and improvement needed in the space provided for each
position, including yourself.

The report should be completed online no later than Sunday, noon following the Friday or Saturday Varsity contest. Upon submitting this Crew Chief Report it will be sent to Art and Luther automatically so there is no need to email a copy.
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