Resonate with Compassion for the Refugee Crisis in Hungary
In this repatterning session we will clear our resonance with the hopelessness of this refugee situation and resonate with compassionate and encouraging responses. We will also identify and clear the non-coherent patterns within our own life that are possibly mirroring the refuge situation.

In the session we will check and clear our resonance for:

WPH Issue: Global Peace is disturbed by the crisis in Hungary. Any additionally named aspects about this crisis that affect us personally or that we have noticed on the news media. For example, refugees dying, being turned away, the stress of transition, living conditions etc.

WPH Intention: We intend a kind, peaceful compassionate response to the current refugee situation in Hungary.

There are no coincidences. All global issues are mirrored in someway within us.
What is a personal issue you are currently experiencing. Please Select one area
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Describe your issue in general terms that you would like repatterned for the item selected above
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What personal intention would you like to have repatterned instead of our personal issue named above?
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