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Please complete this form to apply to represent UBC at a tournament. Direct all questions to our VP External by email at

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not selected for funding, you can self fund to attend most tournaments. If you are interested in this option, before or after selections for funding have occurred, please contact

PLEASE NOTE ALSO: If you drop a tournament AFTER the designated drop deadline established by the VP External you will lose one of your funded spots for the year.

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Submit separate applications for each tournament.
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If you have planned a partnership with someone else prior to applying, please name them here; you may provide up to 2 names for the Australs 2019 tournament
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A novice is anyone new to university debate. You should generally stop identifying as a novice after you (a) have participated in competitive university debate for a year, (b) have participated in 3 varsity tournaments excluding novice tournaments, and/or (c) have made the open break at a varsity tournament.
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Billeting (sometimes called "crash") is when a local debater hosts you at no additional cost, rather than booking a hotel or Airbnb. It is not uncommon for billeting to consist of floor space and a pillow, but hey, hotels are expensive.
Do you identify as cis male?
Note: the question has been modified for simplicity. It's more straightforward to identify a group than to identify individuals not belonging to a group
Please outline any contributions that you have made to the club, if you feel they're not accurately represented by your helper credits:
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