Ebenezer 2019 Stewardship – Sharing Our Stuff
Trust in God’s generosity and commit for the first time, or commit more intentionally if you have committed in the past.
We are asking that you return the forms to Ebenezer by Sunday, December 22. Doing so helps us all to be better stewards in our ministries.
If you prefer to complete this form on paper, please visit http://ebenezerchurch.org/stewardship/ for a print-ready copy you can return to the office.
Please also provide your name and preferred contact information (phone, email for newsletters, mailing address for important notices) *
Part 1: Sharing of Gifts (Time & Talent)
What are your Gifts of the Spirit? What are you drawn to?
I like to keep things in good order. (clean, paint, build, repair, organize)
I can talk to anybody. (greet and welcome, usher, host coffee hour, volunteer at events)
I'm drawn to the sacramental aspects of worship. (sing, dance, act, bake, set up communion, read, serve at the altar, assist as a minister, serve communion, crucifer)
I'm proud that Ebenezer has opened its doors to so many groups. (communicate with tenants, set policies for building use)
I love teaching, learning. (teach children and/or adults, read, attend Bible study, attend retreats, participate in confirmation)
I'm passionate about serving our larger community. (tutor, feed, defend, welcome)
I like to study, think, reflect. (reflection, prayer, intimate conversation.)
I like to nurture and be nurtured by groups. (seniors, parents of young kids, spirituality)
I like management. (council, finance, facilities, administration)
Part 2: Sharing of Resources (Treasure)
To contribute via Simply Giving, please go to https://tinyurl.com/EbS-G2018.
I plan to contribute during 2020
Clear selection
Over the course of 2020, I plan to contribute this total amount:
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If you have questions, please reach out to Stewardship Committee members: Bev Albert (bkalbert925@yahoo.com). Ann O Hicks (ahicks@northpark.edu) or Marla Marty (marla.marty@comcast.net).
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