Enter the competition - 9th AI Startup Battle @ PAPIs 2018 (Boston - Oct. 16)
Want to compete?
If your startup has Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) at its core, the 9th edition of the AI Startup Battle is your chance to participate in this unique event where you'll be judged by an A.I. on stage and not by a human jury!

The A.I. Startup Battle is powered by PreSeries. Their technology takes advantage of the latest innovations in Machine Learning to transform startup financing from its current subjective form into a highly objective data-driven practice.

The AI Startup Battle will be hosted at PAPIs 2018 in Boston. The conference focuses on real-world ML: applications, engineering, new techniques, and tools. Come listen to war / failure / success stories, see amazing demos, speak with ML practitioners and meet international experts! More at papis.io/2018

Event announcement: https://medium.com/preseries/the-only-startup-battle-where-the-jury-is-an-ai-apply-now-boston-oct-16-b9c21f173141

Selected startups will have the opportunity to present at the conference, exhibit, make connections, and get unique exposure among a highly distinguished audience (equivalent to the Silver sponsorship package worth US$ 5,000).
Application & Selection
To compete in the battle, please fill out the form below before October 5, 2018, and send us a short presentation in PDF about your company to battle@preseries.com.

Early applicants will be prioritized.

The PreSeries Team will then contact you to confirm whether your startup is selected or not to participate in the competition.

Event Details
October 16, 2018

Microsoft New England Research and Development Center
1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142

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Do not hesitate to contact us at battle@preseries.com for any questions.
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By filling out this application form you agree to share your information with PreSeries and its partners. You understand that the information collected on this form will be used by PreSeries to select the final participants of the A.I. Startup Battle and that PreSeries and its partners are not liable for any mistakes made completing this form.

By registering and joining the event, you authorize the use of any image, name, brand, other distinctive signs and voice in any and all every initiative and format, including video, photos and documents obtained, mentioned of used in the event by PreSeries or other related company.

This authorization is granted free of charge and for an indefinite period, covering the use of the image, name, brand, other distinctive signs and voice, throughout the country and abroad, in all usual forms of exposure in corporate relations (such as presentations, lectures, etc.), and media (such as brochures, home page, posters, electronic media, panels, videos, television, movies, social media, internet, etc.).

Any opinions expressed by you and/or used by you will in the event will be considered your responsibility and in no respect it will be considered others responsibility.

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