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Tuesday, March 6- North Campus
Tuesday, March 13 - South Campus
Tuesday, March 20 - North Campus
Tuesday, March 27 - NO CLASS - EASTER BREAK
Tuesday, April 3 - North Campus
Tuesday, April 10- South Campus
Tuesday, April 17 - North Campus
Tuesday, April 24 - South Campus

This looks a little wonky because North has two in a row in the middle, but there are 4 at each location, so we're good.


Wolf Pups is a class for Tots and their adult which is designed to, typically, be an 8-week program ( meeting on Tuesday mornings from 9-10 am. All first and third Tuesday classes will be at the North campus from 9 AM till 10 AM. Second and fourth Tuesdays will be at the South campus from 9 AM till 10 AM.

This guitar-led music and movement class will incorporate singing, dancing, finger and hand games, learning colors, animals, world languages, counting and practicing the alphabet. We will also incorporate some arts and crafts opportunities occasionally. Song and dance usually goes for about 30 minutes and then free play goes 30 minutes. This provides plenty of time for parents to socialize and get some adult conversation in as well!

This class is designed for toddlers to gain exposure to both parallel play and playing together. The older kids will work on valuable social skills which will help as they transition into Pre-k. In the end, Wolf Pups is really about fun for the kids and a nice outing for the adult! No grading, no demands to participate; only opportunities to meet new friends and have some fun.

You may choose to do only the 4 weeks at one of the campuses rather than come to all 8 classes. If that's the case, choose that option below. Please bring check or cash to the school when you come for the first class. If you have to miss a class and you're only scheduled for four classes, you can make up a class by coming to a class at the other campus.

Parents of current PFGA 3-day per week preschoolers who do not have school on Tuesday mornings may bring their Pre-K student to the class for free.

Each parent/guardian will need to sign a waiver at the first class, which includes a consent for photos, and will need to sign in at the office as a visitor each week.



Cost for 8-week session is $40 per student, payable at the first class by check or cash. Cost for 4-weeks at only one campus location is $20. Class by class is $5

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