NPMM Technology Agreement
HCDE 1:1 Vision
Through the 1:1 Technology Integration in Hamilton County Schools, we will meet our students’ individual needs and introduce them to a world of possibilities by enhancing our curriculum through communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
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HCDE 1:1 Expectations
-All students will have their own Google account that is for school use only.
-Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) is not allowed on school devices.
-Devices will be treated like school property.
-Parents will monitor use at home.
-Devices will be treated as school devices even when at home.
-Devices will be kept away from food and drink.
-Devices must be charged overnight.
-The body of the device cannot be personalized.
-If a student leaves their school, the device is to be returned to the school you are leaving.
-Earbuds are the only allowable listening accessory (as allowed by teachers). No Beats-type headphones.
-Students cannot download apps. Devices are on management system and monitored while at school and home.
-I understand that the device I am using is subject to inspection at any time without notice & it remains the property of Hamilton County Department of Education.
-I will follow the policies outlined in the HCDE Technology Contract while at school, as well as outside the school day.
Parents & Guardians Responsibility
-I will file a police report in the case of theft or a damage report in the case of vandalism.
-I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.
-I agree to the full replacement cost of the device & charger in the event that any of these items are lost or intentionally or irresponsibly damaged.
Student Code of Conduct with Devices
-I promise to tell my teacher, or another adult immediately if I read or see something on my device that is inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable.
-I will not give any personal information such as my last name, address, phone number, name/address of my school to anyone without my teacher's permission.
-I will treat my device responsibly.
-I will not eat or drink near my device.
-I will not duplicate or download any copyrighted software to my device.
I will remain on educational appropriate sites at all times,
-I will use my device as directed by my teachers for classwork, homework, and any other required use.
-Passwords will be required and are to be CONFIDENTIAL.
-No photos or videos will be taken without specific permission from the teacher.
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By typing your name above, you agree to adhere to expectations and terms stated in this contract.
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