Application: Changemakers Residence
Application form for the GoodLifeCo-Living Changemakers Residence and Immersion Lab (next to Victoria Yards, Lorentzville, Johannesburg). Be part of an exciting community of changemakers, supporting each other in doing good work in the neighbourhood and beyond. Guest speakers, learning opportunities, and diversity.

Be a co-owner: pay ±R1700 per month for a room, with a portion buying shares in the property company!
Transparent finances: house managed by a non-profit company.
Opportunities for growth: become a Residence manager and more when the company grows after one year.

Other nice stuff:
- WiFi
- Membership to VY Commons, a Victoria Yards co-working space
- Weekend getaway annually
- Access to and support from a network of changemakers.

See for the business plan. Contact Simon on 065 901 7793, Tebza on 071 287 6296, or email for more information.

>>> Application round one DEADLINE: Wednesday 31 October 2018 <<

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And your email address? (If you have one).
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Are you a changemaker? "Someone who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen"?
Describe any work you have done in life so far that you've intended to generate positive change.
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Do you want to own a share of property in Makers Valley (Lorentzville, Johannesburg), next to Victoria Yards?
Are you able to afford R1700 a month for your room? (Excludes water & electricity which will depend on how much we use - likely ±R200.)
What is your age (roughly :-) )
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Are you wanting to stay with other people in your room? If so, who are they and what are their ages?
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Where do you live at the moment (area & city)?
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When is the earliest you would be able to move into the Changemakers Residence?
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