Application to Major in the Jones College of Business

Students desiring to major in business enter the program under their intended major but are considered “pre-business” until a successful application for admission to the Jones College of Business is made. Application and admission are required before students begin to take 3000 and 4000 level business courses outside of the business core.

To apply, the following requirements must be met:

Requirements for Admission to the Jones College of Business (Effective Fall 2007)
• Completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of degree credits (excluding learning support)
• Completion of all learning support courses, if required
• At least a 2.25 inclusive* GPA on all attempted college-level coursework
• At least a 2.25** GPA average among these pre-business courses:
+ ACTG 2110 or ACCT 1010: Accounting Principles I
+ BIA/QM 2610 or MATH 1530: Statistical Methods
+ ECON 2410 or ECON 2010 Principles of Macroeconomics
+ ECON 2420 or ECON 2020 Principles of Microeconomics

*MTSU and transfer grades are used to calculate both required GPAs. The Jones College follows the MTSU repeat policy.

**Note: Students enrolled in courses at MTSU for the first time from fall 2007 to summer 2012 must have a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in the four pre-business courses. If the first semester at MTSU was prior to fall 2007, students are exempt from the policy.

To begin the application, click Continue. Paper applications are available in BAS N233.

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