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As a movement we have been working on rolling out Coaches around the movement for all of our new Church Plants and also our Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors and Site Pastors in Multi Site Churches. At the moment you must fall into one of these categories to receive regular coaching.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are also offering one-off coaching sessions to all Pastoral Staff, Emeritus Pastors and Worship Leaders.

If you are eligible for a Coach, please apply below.
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As part of the Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland (VCUKI) coaching programme it may be necessary to record certain information about you that is considered to be of a sensitive nature. This type of information is known as ‘special category data’ under data protection laws. Such information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect for your privacy. It will only be used, in accordance with UK data protection laws, to assist VCUKI coaches in their work with you and will not be shared with any third parties. VCUKI requires your consent in order to collect and use this sensitive information about you. Please read the statement below and check the box to confirm your consent. Please note if you do not give your consent to the collection and processing of this information, then it may not be possible for VCUKI to provide coaching services to you. *
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