REVEAL Champion Vendor/Service Providers
Thank you for your interest in REVEAL. We truly hope this experience will impact as many women as possible.
We know that money can be a barrier, however, let us offer the perspective that money is nothing more than a form of energy. There are other ways to create an energetic exchange currency!


If you are the creator of a product that is made to decorate or nurture a woman we would love to know!

We could be interested in making an energetic exchange with you and offering a discounted rate for REVEAL. This is an amazing opportunity to get your product seen by other women.

For example, what we are proposing:
As a vendor/service provider you will still purchase your spot at REVEAL for the full offered price. Then you will invoice REVEAL for the price of your product/service. For example, if your product retails for $100, then we would accept 7 of your products (total value $700), we want to honor the asking price of your product and we do not want to discount what you are providing. This also means that your product/service will be experienced by 7 women, that have personally gotten to know you and would feel called to support your business. At least that is our hope!

We love collaborating and supporting other woman in as many ways as possible. If you are interested in collaboration then please let us know how you might want to contribute! We do ask that you experience REVEAL through one of our many free online offerings. It is important that you align to the work we are doing.

DID WE MENTION - This is a marketing business expense for you? We will provide you with a business receipt that you can use during your tax filing.
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We are asking that the REVEAL Champions: 1) Send out a REVEAL created marketing email to 10 viable women that would love this experience and copy 2) Share at least 5 posts on Facebook and Instagram sharing why you want to be part of this experience. 3) Provide a live interview post REVEAL 4) If you know a woman that creates a product for women, you will reach out to them and let them know about the REVEAL Retreat and how the photoshoot can support their brand. 5) Full permission to use up to 10 of your photos for REVEAL marketing which you will have 100% approval of before we share and we will also make sure to tag you.
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