Feedback/Solutions Management and/or Grievance Form
As a non-profit organization, we recognize that we have room to grow. The market has been very successful, and brought happiness to many lives, and we understand that continued quality improvement is part of our strategy to stay connected and aligned with our mission.

The Rail Yards Market is focused on building a resilient, sustainable local economy that we all love to work and play in. Through food, art, and music, we hope to bring our community together in an atmosphere of fun, learning, and creativity. Rail Yards Market is a community organization operating under the the fiscal sponsorship of a Barelas Community Coalition, a certified 501(c)(3).

The Rail Yards Market’s mission is to celebrate the cuisine, culture, and art of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico. Our commitment is to:

 Preserve the legacy of an historic downtown neighborhood.

 Gather the city’s many communities around a shared space.

 Nurture the next generation of local entrepreneurs.

 Create a dynamic hub for Albuquerque’s agricultural and artistic communities.

 Promote tourism by providing Albuquerque with a must-see destination in the heart of downtown.

 Demonstrate one of many potential uses for the Rail Yards site.

 Promote the knowledge and preservation of New Mexico’s heirloom crop varieties

The purpose of this form is to monitor and track areas in which the Rail Yards Market can improve, and to better find ways to implement solutions management systems. This is NOT a complaint filing form, but a means to constructively and proactively assess an arena that needs change.

At the Rail Yards Market we like to operate with 3 P's in mind:

Please keep these qualities in mind while filling out this form.

This form has 3 sections:
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