Great Kids Farm: FREE 2nd grade 2020 package
This year, Great Kids Farm of Baltimore City Public Schools will offer virtual and hands-on opportunities for all 2nd graders in the district. These include:

1. Indoor/outdoor herb garden (take-home) kits for students.
2. Virtual 2nd grade field trip to GKF.
3. Live virtual Facetime the Farmer session.

Since our goal is to reach every 2nd grader at your school -- as opposed to individual classes only -- please use the below form to let us know whether you'd like to opt in to the above resources for your entire 2nd grade, and we'll update you with logistics (or not) accordingly. We ask for 1 RESPONSE PER SCHOOL, please.

Please direct any questions to Anne @
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If you would like us to loop in other staff at your school when we follow up, please list their email addresses here.
Again, we hope to reach ALL second graders with these free opportunities, but we realize that you face competing priorities. Please indicate below whether you are interested in these opportunities for the ENTIRE second grade at your school.
1. Indoor/outdoor herb garden kits for students. Each kit contains little plastic pots, soil, herb seeds, and veggie temporary tattoos. Note that you will NOT be responsible for delivering the kits to students' homes. We are working to develop a distribution plan that aligns with the district's plan for safe and streamlined materials distributions. *
2. Virtual 2nd grade field trip to GKF. This experience mirrors the in-person experience we offer in normal years but will be digitized (not live) this year, and can be broken into several sessions. The trip was designed in collaboration with the Science department to align with the "What Do Plants Need?" unit. *
3. Live Facetime the Farmer session. Our staff can work with you to schedule this *live* 25-40-minute experience. We can be flexible re: platform, timing, and themes. Once you've completed this form, the thank-you page includes a link for you to schedule the session(s). *
Approximately how many 2nd graders will attend your school this year?
Please note that this specific set of resources is for 2nd graders only. If you have questions on resources for other grades, please comment below. (NOTE: Other grades may request Facetime the Farmer sessions with this link:
Is your school planning an upcoming materials distribution day? If so, please list the days and times here
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