2021 Mock Trial Survey
Help us plan our 2021 season. Anything we may have missed - please mention it in the comments!
School Name *
What region does your team compete in? *
Which are you? *
Would your team be willing to compete in a virtual mock trial competition *
What can you foresee as a potential barrier in competing virtually? *
If competing virtually, would you be okay with multiply days or weekends for competing? *
Should regions be able to host an in person competition even if others can't? (i.e. county and local regulations allow for groups to gather) *
If regionals are virtual but state can be hosted in person - would your team be okay competing in person? *
How likely is it that your school will be allowed to compete in mock trial in person in 2021? *
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How likely is it that your team will be allowed to travel for competitions in 2021 *
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
When is the latest your team can know if Regionals will be held in person or virtual? *
What technology platforms does your school have access to? *
Do you foresee significant issues in competing virtually that we will need to address in an amendment to the rules?
Clear selection
What can your regional coordinator and/or local bar do to help practicing for the 2021 season?
Other suggestions or ideas to approach mock trial in 2021?
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