Application Form | Backflips Against Bullying Performance Team
Action Education is casting acrobatic entertainers for their show 'Backflips Against Bullying', touring schools across Australia.

Our current teams are based in:
- Sydney, NSW
- Melbourne, VIC
- Brisbane, QLD

We have two contract lengths to apply for in each state:
- 12 Month Contract
- "6-Weeker" Contracts (6 Weeks during Feb/March each year)

Role Requirements:
- Excellent Floor Acrobatic Skills
- Great Speaking Performance Ability
- Applicants must be 18+

Required Days [Full Time]:
- Every weekday for 12 months [Jan to Dec]
- Full Time hours

Required Days [6-Weekers]
- Every Weekday for 6 Weeks [starting final full week in February, for 6 weeks]
- Full Time hours

Events are typically booked during regular school hours (between 9am and 3pm). Times will vary on bookings. Travel will often extend these hours.

Performers are paid Daily Show Rates, plus Additional Travel Rates for out-of-area events, and Travel Expenses covered. Rates will be provided after successful application.

Majority of shows will be performed in the home city locations. Some shows will require overnight travel to other parts of the state. Additional travel rates are paid in these cases, and all accommodation & vehicle costs are covered.

**Skilled performers that show strong commitment may have the opportunity to perform in additional areas of the company, including Corporate Variety entertainment, Superhero Stunt shows, and School Holiday Show&Workshop programs.

For this position, you must have:
- Full time Availability Monday to Friday
- Strong Acrobatic Ability (Gymnastics/Circus/Tricking/Parkour/FreeRunning etc)
- Strong Vocal Skills (Acting/Public Speaking etc)

In your application, please ensure to detail ALL relevant skills, including parkour, dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, tricking, martial arts, acting, public speaking, stunts, etc. Please be specific, and list your experience in all relevant areas. To show that you've read this far, please include the word "Elephant" in your application message.


Videos are a huge plus.

If successful, we'll invite you to an in-person audition. Details upon successful application.

Apply below to be a part of the Backflips team!
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