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Application For Top Business Owners Who Are Interested In The Private Invite-Only Mastermind On A Boat
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To be accepted to this group, you MUST be a TOP business in your field or near the top. This is NOT for “newbies” or “wannabes” or “pretendabes”. It’s also not for “suckupabies” who want to follow around the most successful person in the room and annoy them.
Tell me in your words why you are so great that would qualify you to be a part of this group? If I don’t know you or even if I do (HINT: This is where you can sell me on letting you into the group) *Required *
This group is private and extremely limited. If you’re accepted in, you’re taking up a valuable spot. Because of this, I only want people who are serious about maximizing their profits and being on top in their industry. I also only want people who are committed to lend a helping hand to others, not just take. Will you commit to help others in the group? *Required *
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