CPSD Meal Request during Virtual Instruction - 4th Quarter
Food service meals are available to any child age 18 years or younger residing in the Clintonville School District.

The cost of breakfasts and lunches is currently paid for by federal grants while schools are operating under virtual instruction. Student keypad numbers are collected for documentation purposes, but Food Service accounts will not be charged. If your child is not in school yet, please call 715-823-7215 ext. 2265 to obtain a keypad number

You are only allowed to order meals for days when your student is learning virtually: 100% virtual learners will receive breakfasts and/or lunches for 5 days per week.

Meals will be provided for one week at a time and available for PICK UP ONLY on Wednesdays. Students or parents are allowed to pick up meals at a designated drive through location but are not to consume the meal on site.

š“š”šžš«šž š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š§šØ š¦šžššš„š¬ šššÆššš¢š„ššš›š„šž šš®š«š¢š§š  š­š”šž š°šžšžš¤ šØšŸ š’š©š«š¢š§š  šš«šžššš¤ (šŒššš«šœš” šŸšŸ—-š€š©š«š¢š„ šŸ). šŒšžššš„ š«šžšŖš®šžš¬š­ š©š¢šœš¤ š®š©š¬ š°š¢š„š„ š«šžš¬š®š¦šž šØš§ š–šžšš§šžš¬šššš² š€š©š«š¢š„ šŸ•, šŸ—:šŸ‘šŸŽ-šŸšŸŽ:šŸ‘šŸŽ š€šŒ.

If you have any questions regarding the meal pick up program, please contact Karleen Brei, Food Services Director at 715-823-7215 ext. 2265, or Jolyne Zaldivar, Spanish Translator at 715-823-7215 ext. 3275.
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