BOE Yearbook Personal Ads - 2018
If you would like to write a special note to your student for placement in our annual “Little Warrior” (BOE Yearbook), please use the form below.

There is a 150 CHARACTER LIMIT. Please include all spaces and punctuation in the character limit – everything counts as a space. **If you can’t fit everything within one ad, you can purchase 2 ads for a total of 300 spaces and a cost of $6.00.

Once you have submitted this form, please send a check (preferred) for $3.00 payable to “BOE PTA”. Send it attn: Kristin Bowl NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2017. Be sure to indicate your student's name/grade/teacher so we can confirm payment with the submitted message.

This year, we are using a digital form to avoid trying to discern handwriting. If you prefer to use a paper form, you can print one at

Thanks - Yearbook Chair, Kristin Bowl,

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Once you have submitted your message, please be sure to send in a check for $3 per ad and include your student's name/grade/teacher so we can confirm payment with the submitted message. Send attn: Kristin Bowl. Thank you!
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