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Thank you for your participation in the 5th Chinese Innovation Forum (Oct. 25/26, 2019). Please take a moment to share your feedback. Responses are anonymous. We will use the survey results to help plan for next year's event. 各位老师,感谢您参与第5届中文教育创新论坛。请用几分钟时间填写您的参会评价和心得,主办团队会根据与会者的反馈尽力为明年的论坛会议提供改进。
1. Overall, how would you rate this event? 您对这次论坛会议的总评。 *
2. Which feature(s) of the Forum did you like best? (check all that apply) 您觉得这次论坛会议议程设计中哪一或哪些环节让您最为满意 (可选一选或多项)? *
3. Which of the following statements best describes your experience? 下面哪一项最适合说明您的与会经验。(得到新知识或讯息可以使用在教学或工作上;与会经验不错但没得到任何新东西;挺失望的浪费了时间)
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4. Tell us your interest level with the Chinese Innovation Forum. Choose all that apply. 这次经验是否提高了您对这个组织(中文教育创新论坛)的兴趣?您是否有兴趣: 1)日后参加会议; 2)利用论坛的博客平台来分享经验; 3)上论坛的网站参考讯息; 4)和别人分享论坛资讯; 5)参加明年在加州举办的第6届论坛会议 (可选一选或多项)?
5. (optional) Please share any additional comments or questions you might have. 您如果有任何建议或其他评语,请分享。
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