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The current Delta County School District curriculum lacks an effective education on race and diversity. In its absence, a culture involving both students and faculty has developed, which permits ignorant and racist behavior at the expense of Delta County School District's students and faculty of color.

We’re asking you, current students, alumni, parents, and faculty, to share your experiences with racism, whether these incidents affected you personally or were something you were witness to, during your time affiliated with DCSD. These experiences don’t just have to be examples of overt racism but can also include more covert instances of racism (e.g., microaggressions, racial jokes made at either your or a classmate’s expense, etc.) committed by other students and faculty.

Testimonies can also talk about how a lack of a diverse educational experience hindered you post graduation, or it can simply be a list of things you wish you had learned about race and diversity while you were a part of DCSD.

Our goal is to present these testimonies to the administration, along with appropriate resources and suggestions for ways to incorporate diversity and an understanding of systemic racism and imperialism into the existing curriculum. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, you will have the option to remain anonymous when we present your experiences to the administration. We will not doctor the nature of your testimony that is submitted as we are simply a platform for people to speak out against this toxic culture. However, any names mentioned in your response will also be redacted, (unless you use your own name in the testimony) as this survey is not meant to target specific individuals but highlight a broader culture in our community.

Delta County School District has the ability to ignite change within our community and has the potential to teach the youth of our privileged town how to meaningfully engage with and discuss contemporary social issues. We hope that, by reading these stories, the administration will internalize the gravity of this issue and the effects it has on the past, present, and future students of Delta County School District.

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