S3 Racing Academy - 2020
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We are excited for you to join our community-supported scholastic Drone Racing Program!

The purpose of this form is to register Team Leaders and League Leaders for the 2020 racing season.
Yes, you have a chance to step-up your involvement this year!

Please go here for more information! https://www.safetythirdracing.academy

Welcome aboard!

Frank Costello & Will Nickley
Founders, Safety Third Racing / S3 Racing Academy

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Want to be on our contact roster? We'd love that! And so would other teams!
As schools visit SafetyThirdRacing.Academy, they would love to know who is participating. Having a school close by is a powerful motivator to join and collaborate - we really want to build that kind of community!

You can be a League Leader or a Team Leader!
Think about which category you fall into, each comes with its own responsibilities... see below!

--- League Leader ---
You should already be a Team Leader, have some drone racing experience and be ready to take your involvement to the next level! As a League Leader, your three top responsibilities are:
1) Check and be active within the slack community twice a week minimum. Post some pictures! Tell us a success story! Show us your crashes!
2) Actively engage other teams in your region to set up 3 dates/locations for races/events per season. Keep in mind you do not have to host all three events at your school.
3) Be willing to mentor and support new teams with your expertise so they can be successful. Pick one team in your region, meet with them at least twice and turn them into superstars! This is the most prestigious position a volunteer can hold in S3RA

--- Team Leader ---
You are the adult in charge of the drone racing team at your school. Regardless of your experience, you are excited to be involved! Your three top responsibilities as a Team Leader are:
1) support your students
2) Run your team and
3) Communicate with other teams by checking slack and posting at least once a week. Reach out to your League Leader at least once.

Both League Leaders and Team Leaders must be willing to accept inbound communication from the website - Schools may reach out to you to invite you to races, share experiences or ask for support.


On the website, I would like...
By requesting to be listed on your website, I can, at any time, ask for my information to removed. I also understand at once per season, any contacts listed on the website will be contacted to verify they wish to remain listed. I have read and agree.
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Do you have other questions? Comments?
If you have questions you can send an email to info@safetythirdracing.academy

Since there is no full time central administration of the league, it might take a few days to receive a response via email. Slack is the best resource for any/all communication with league participants.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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