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The Chinese spent a lot of time observing the natural world, trying to understand the phenoma of nature such as seasons, cycle of birth/death and patterns of transformation and changes in the universe. These observations were later interpreted as the 5 Element theory. This theory asserts substances can be divided into 1 of the 5 basic elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.

Each element has associated core emotions and virtues that are expressed in balance or in imbalance. Everyone has some characteristic of each of the 5 Elements.

This 20 questions quiz is an indicator of your current dominant element. It is designed to identify tendencies towards imbalances.
Answer "Yes" if you tend to agree with the question and believe it applies to you in your current life and expresses most of the time (as opposed to the mood you happen to be today).
Answer "No" if you tend to disagree with the question or if it doesn't apply to you at all or only applies occasionally.

Answers will be emailed to you shortly after submission as well as healing tips designed to regain balance in the specific element.

All your answers are strictly confidential. Visit our privacy policy: https://www.creatingspacetherapies.com.au/privacy-policy
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1. Do you tend to become frustrated or impatient when things don't happen fast enough? *
2. Are you having difficulties trusting people easily? *
3. Do you tend to put needs of others ahead of your own? *
4. Do you often feel fearful or anxious? *
5. Do you have difficulties feeling good about yourself or feeling worthy ? *
6. Do you find it difficult to let go of things and tend to hold on? *
7. Do you excessively worry and obsess about problems? *
8. Are you indecisive and find it hard to know what is right for you? *
9. Are you generally enthusiastic and passionate about your life ? *
10. I am not comfortable being emotional or showing vulnerability. *
11. It is hard for me to see the humorous side of life and laugh easily at problems. *
12. Do you carry a lot of tension in your muscles or have issue with my ligaments/ tendons? *
13. Do your friends or family often lean on you for advice and support? *
14. Do you often feel guilty even when you should not be ? *
15. Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep ? *
16. Do you have digestive issues (including bloating, gas, feeling heavy etc) or tend to lose or gain weight easily? *
17. Do you have visual system problems: vision, redness, dryness etc? *
18. Do you suffer from breathing difficulties: e.g asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath ? *
19. Do you have urinary problems OR hearing loss OR any bone disorders (e.g osteoporosis, bone spurs etc) *
20. Do you suffer from lower back pain, knee pain or tight hamstrings? *
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