Parent Volunteer Survey
Volunteering with the band offers opportunities for parents to share experiences with their students and get to know other parents in our community. This survey aims to help us find parents and families that would like to get involved.

Completing this form will not mean we will come to your door and pester, but we will likely reach out to see if you can help in the areas you select.

Students have a great time at band functions, why can't the parents have fun as well! (And we have tons of fun!) And who isn't looking for adult interaction outside their own family?

If your availability changes or your interest changes that is fine. We all go through different seasons and many have additional children at home to look after as well. If we all pitch in a little we can accomplish a lot.

You can find more information about Volunteer Opportunities on our Volunteer Site:
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This will help us contact you about opportunities available to our parents. Please ensure the phone number and email address you provide are the best ways to reach out.
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