Manx Netball Association - Incident / Complaint Report Form
This report form should only be completed if you wish to, officially, raise a complaint, you witnessed or were involved in an incident or you have concerns about Manx Netball or National Squad procedures or decisions that you have been unable to resolve with the parties concerned.

The form should be completed as soon as possible or as soon as is reasonably practicable depending upon the nature of the incident / complaint/concern. Please refer to MNA Rules or relevant Policies and Procedures for more guidance these are available on the Manx Netball Website as some matters have a time limit for reporting them and for example you may need to send in a copy of the score card if the matter relates to a match dispute.

The MNA Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the Google Form within 48hours and then decide who is the best person(s) to deal with the matter and whether it can be dealt with formally or informally.

The MNA Committee members will be informed by the Secretary a report has been received and its nature.

If you consider the matter a Safeguarding Issue then please contact the MNA Safeguarding Officer first for advice at

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