Kultivate Select Gallery Artist Application
The Kultivate Select Gallery will have a different theme for each exhibition. Selected artists are expected to follow the theme when producing work. Each exhibit will last for 2 months. Only artists who have exhibited at any of the galleries above are allowed to exhibit at Kultivate Select. The curator of this gallery is Johannes1977 Resident. Please read the following guidelines before applying

-All artists and their work must follow the Second Life TOS and Community Guidelines
-All artwork must be moderate/mature in rating
-All artwork must be in the chosen theme
-Artists will be given a slideshow easel to display their work, you can load as many images as you like
-No tip jars, auto group inviters, or chat spammers are allowed
-You are allowed to sale your artwork, we ask that the minimum price be 300L's
-No charity donation shrines or vendors are allowed unless approved by the curators
-Each artist will exhibit at the gallery for a period of 3 weeks, at the end of the 3 week period you are expected to clear your prims within the time frame given or your art work will be returned to you
-You must join the group to rezz your artwork
-We are not responsible for Second Life outages or issues with the platform
-Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee you will be chosen to exhibit at the gallery

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