June 9-13 2020
(Arrival June 9 and Departure on June 13)
Wisma Methodist, Lorong Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Venue: Wisma Methodist, Kuala Lumpur
Conference Theme: Bible and Hospitality: Asian Perspectives
One of the main objectives of this society is to foster biblical scholarship and research in Asia that takes seriously the Asian context—its cultures, religions and methodologies. It is therefore imperative that papers presented at this meeting are attempts to understand the Bible from varied Asian perspectives. For this year, we are especially hoping for papers that deal with our theme of "BIBLE AND HOSPITALITY: ASIAN PERSPECTIVES."

The Bible speaks to and from multiple contexts and concerns, and it has been used to address—in order to establish, to further, and sometimes to challenge and to dismantle—many ventures and visions. SABS has dealt with several ventures and visions for which the Bible has been read and used in Asia: Biblical studies in Asia (Hong Kong, 2006); Asian cultures (Korea, 2008); ecology and economy (Hong Kong, 2010); migration and diaspora (Malaysia, 2012); violence in the human and earth community (Thailand, 2014); moving margins (Korea, 2016); and empire (Indonesia, 2018); for 2020 the focus will be on “BIBLE AND HOSPITALITY: ASIAN PERSPECTIVES.”

The understanding of “hospitality” is broad, for the term refers to service (to others), industry (for profit), attitude (of control and/or generosity) and ideology (with connotations of possession and/or openness). In other words, the topic “Bible and hospitality” is broad and hospitable and SABS 2020 will make space for attention to biblical texts about hospitality, for using biblical texts to (re)define hospitality, and for ways to make the Bible more or less hospitable.
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Papers may be proposed in any of the areas of biblical studies (see list below). Moreover, given that Asia is home for many religions, cultures and scriptures, papers that deal with hospitality with interreligious, cross-cultural or cross-scriptural leanings, are encouraged.
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