Application for Participants in the Study Session December 2016
This December the European YWCA is hosting a Study Session under the theme:

Using Technology for Young Women's Empowerment within the Framework of the new Sustainable Development Goals

Date: 12.-15. December 2016
In: the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

The deadline for application has been extended to 25 October 2016.

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Please send to a document (Max. 2000 letters) written and signed by a referee from your YWCA about why you are a suitable candidate for this Study Session. Recommendation letter should include Name, Address, Phone and Role in YWCA of your Referee.
Peer to Peer Workshop
Do you have experience with peer to peer learning, and are you interested in facilitating a 90 Minutes Workshop where participants can learn from each other?
If so, please tick the box below and send a document (Max. 2000 words) to explaining how you'd like to lead that session.
I'd like to facilitate the workshop for peer to peer learning
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