Survey on CTU Code
The IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for Packing Cargo Transport Units (“CTU Code”) was published in 2014 and is available at: It covers all matters to do with packing or filling cargo into or on any kind of transport unit, including road trailers, railcars and freight containers.

The CTU Code contains a wealth of information, including CTU selection, precautions to take before, during and after packing and securing cargo, and considerations to protect cargo, CTUs and personnel during such operations.

The four sponsoring organisations are planning a joint industry initiative promoting the Code to stress its importance to supply chain safety. As a first step, the attached questionnaire attempts to gain a better understanding of awareness of the CTU Code, and establish what the greatest cargo risks might be.

We would therefore be grateful if you would consider the questions posed and answer them as fully as possible. All responses will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and the resulting data aggregated with all other responses to ensure anonymity.

Four sponsoring organisations
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Q1. Is your organisation using the CTU Code?
Q2. Is the information in the CTU Code sufficient for your organisation's needs?
If no, please describe what information you are missing:
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Q3. What training activities, if any, have been arranged for personnel and/or contractors/suppliers/clients, by or for your organisation related to CTU packing and securing? (please tick all that apply)
Q4. What sources of information, other than the CTU Code, has your organisation used to assist with issues regarding packing and securing cargoes into CTUs? (please tick all that apply)
Q5. Has your organisation encountered any challenges in finding relevant information to assist with CTU handling, cargo packing and securing?
Q6. What challenges did your organisation encounter? (please tick all that apply)
Q7. Based on your experience, what types of specific cargoes do you think present the greatest risk if they are not packed properly in or on a CTU? (please list as many as you believe are important, preferably in order of importance)
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Q8. What more can the CTU industry do, collectively, to improve understanding of the CTU Code and its contents?
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Thank you for submitting your survey, results will be discussed at the European Shipping Week 27th February 2017 & published thereafter.
The sponsoring organisations thank you for taking time to complete this important survey.
Global Shippers Forum
ICHCA International
TT Club
World Shipping Council

European Shipping Week Event on CTU Code:

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