ONTARIO 150 Youth-led Gardens - Ottawa
Thank you for your interest in the ONTARIO 150 - Growing Community Youth-led Gardens program in Ottawa for 2017!

This project is being coordinated by Faith & The Common Good in Ottawa.

Three youth-led gardens at faith communities in Ottawa will be chosen to participate for the 2017 gardening season. Selected youth-led projects will receive up to $2500 in funds for their gardens, an ONTARIO 150 garden sign, an on-site outdoor greening sustainability consultation and local partnership support during the gardening season and for the public garden event.

Garden projects can involve people of all ages but must be led and involve at least five youth (aged 10 - 21 years).

Also please note that the youth-led garden projects must be completed in 2017.

The three successful youth-led garden projects will be chosen from all applications based on best fit with the overall ONTARIO 150 garden project deliverables while representing a diversity of communities and approaches.

Participating gardens will be asked to report monthly on expenses and volunteer hours, hold one public event inviting the surrounding community to benefit from the garden and document the garden project with photos and videos and a short blog entry for the Ontario 150 Project on the Faith & The Common Good website.

The youth that participate in the garden project will be asked to fill out a short participation survey at the end of the project. Lessons learned from the season along with photos and videos will be shared in an end of year webinar that faith communities & youth will be invited to join.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like assistance with the application form, please contact Katherine Forster at kforster@faithcommongood.org. (Please note that there may be some delays in answers around the long weekend of April.)


Please provide information about your faith community plus a contact for the administration of the project. Contact must be 18 years or older. Please also include the youth coordinator if that person is different from the administration coordinator. Thank you!
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Please provide a description of your proposed project. Types of gardens include pollinator, sacred medicine wheel, meditation/prayer garden, xeriscaping, fruit and berry orchard, rain garden, native shrub hedgerow, wildlife, community vegetable garden, a combination of these or other that your youth would like to propose!
Description of Garden Project (type of garden, how many people, current resources, goals of project, community aspect of project, other groups and/or organizations that will be involved) *
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Size of Garden (square meters) + approx number of plants *
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Garden Budget (Please provide a list of items that are needed and the approximate cost. Eligible garden items can include: tools, softscaping (plants, soil, soil amendments) hardscaping materials (lumber, gravel) and renting of garden machinery. Please check with FCG if there are other types of expenses for your project to determine if they are eligible.) *
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Proposed Timing of Project (Please include approximate dates for planting of garden, tentative date for public event, and estimated end of project date and any other key timelines) *
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Thank You! We will be in touch the week of May 15 - 19th with the status of your application.
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