Guided Prototyping Request
Hey there!  For my guided prototyping sessions, my intention is to spend an hour guiding you through setting up your game in, so that you will have the confidence to finish, fine tune, and update your game independently!  Some things to keep in mind:

1.  I would like to stream/record the session to help others with their prototypes. By submitting this form you agree to me broadcasting footage of your browser as you put your game on

2.  We may not complete the whole prototype in one session.

3.  These early sessions are trial runs, and so them being free and in this format are subject to change.

4.  By submitting this form you agree that I may contact you regarding the session, to schedule a time, or to let you know why I must decline.

5.  I will not be liable for maintaining your prototype (Although you can usually ping me for help).

6.  You must be the prototype's owner or have rights to create this prototype digitally.
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What is your name? *
What are your pronouns? *
What is your email? (For session organization purposes) *
Would you prefer to organize over twitter, text, or discord?  If so, feel free to share here.
I would like to stream/record the session on Twitch and Youtube.  Would you like to share any social media to link to you or your project?
Have you prototyped before on any other digital platforms? (TTS, Tabletopia, etc...) *
Would you care to describe your project to me?
Please describe any prototyping concerns you may have (Unusual component interactions, past difficulties with other prototyping platforms, other intricacies)
Anything else you want to share with me?
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Ways to Prepare!
We'll get the most out of our time if you are able to prepare as much of the following as possible:

1.  All assets under 4096px by 4096px, with assets (for example cards, tiles of the same size, similar meeples of the same dimensions) in grids with at most 16 rows and 16 columns.

2.  Ability to access and navigate with Chrome ideally. ( )

3.  Ability to share your browser, currently via Discord.

4.  Highly recommend you be mindful that this will be broadcasted, so careful of any sensitive information you might have in your browser.  Also note that there may be brief glimpses of your file system when you are uploading assets, so if you're concerned about that I can guide you through that first.  I can edit footage after we record if necessary.

5.  If you have a company logo and game logo you'd like me to put on the video's thumbnail, I'd be happy to do so!

6.  Please be respectful and kind while we're live!
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