BPSA Registration 2019/20
We are trying out a new method of collecting event fees. Historically we have collected small fees before each event, but due to lack of human power to keep track of payments we computed annual costs and split them across three payments. Please note that these camp costs are in addition to individual "registration" fees.

Individual (Per Adult/Youth SCOUT)
The tiered fee for registration is: On a budget $40 - Just right $50 - Default $60
* National registration
* Adult background checks
* Patches for the year
* Group insurance

We are also introducing a tiered payment structure which was a great success at last year's Hullabaloo.

These fees are PER FAMILY
What's included in camp costs
* 4 camping events per year (including a winter lodge stay)
* all food for camping events

Trimester Payments Oct 1 Jan 1 Apr 1
"Just Right" $120 $120 $120
"A little less" $100 $100 $100
"A little more" $150 $150 $150

We are committed to inclusive scouting. These numbers are based on past data and membership estimates for next year. We want to make sure that everyone is included. If these tiered structures do not work for you, please let us know and we will always work something out.

The easiest way to send payments is to paypal to 503rdspottedowl@gmail.com
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