Exhibition: Rebel Girls
This exhibition will examine the rebel girls of children's literature through their representation in illustrated books. Whether physically strong, free-thinking, or unruly, it will explore what being a rebellious girl means for the young adults of today and how illustrated characters contributed to this image. If you had a favourite rebel girl from literature, do you think she influenced who you became as an adult? We want to hear your story!
Is there a rebellious female character in a book that you particularly relate to? If this character was illustrated, we'd like to hear from you.
What words would you use to describe a rebel girl? (Tick as many as apply or add your own) *
What is the name of your chosen character? In what book did she appear? (Include the publication country and illustrator if you know it). Feel free to tell us about more than one character. *
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Explain briefly why this character means something to you. *
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Do you think she influenced who you became as an adult? (If so, please explain) *
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