Gravelbourg Economic Development Office - Community Survey
As we look down the road at Gravelbourg in the future, it is very important to know how you feel
about living here, how you see the town’s future.

What are your biggest concerns about the town’s future, and what would you like to see here to
better meet your needs and help the town attract more people and businesses?

The Economic Development Office is working to develop various ideas to make
Gravelbourg attractive, sustainable and prosperous. But we can’t move forward without a strong
sense of your views and opinions on the state of our town today.

The survey is open to everyone that considers themselves part of the Gravelbourg community, whether you live, work, shop or take part in events and activities in our town. All answers will remain confidential and only aggregated data will be published. For the next step of the project, community members will be invited to a meeting in the spring of 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey!

Where do you currently reside? *
Which of the following best describe your current dwelling situation?
What is your age? *
Please rate the following aspect of the Quality of life of Gravelbourg as...
Very Poor
Very Good
Not Applicable
A place to live
A place to raise children
A place to study
A place to work
A place to retire
Please rate the following economic development indicators for Gravelbourg
Very Poor
Very Good
Not Applicable
Availability and affordability of child care services
Quality of K-12 education
Post-secondary and adult educational opportunities
Employment opportunities
Cost of living
Senior care and services
Health Care Services
Please rate the following community leisure and involvement opportunities.
Somewhat insufficient
Somewhat sufficient
I don't know
Opportunities to volunteer
Opportunities for youth to get involved
Opportunities for seniors to get involved
Sports, culture and leisure activites for youth (18 and under)
Sports, culture and leisure activities for adults
Sports, culture and leisure activities for seniors
In your opinion, how important are following for the community:
Not important at all
Slightly important
Fairly important
Very important
No opinion
Culture and heritage
Architecture and heritage buildings
Playgrounds and parks
La Palestre Rink
Summer Solstice Festival
What type of activities are you most likely to attend?
Would you have suggestions of events or activities you would like to see happening in the community?
Your answer
What products/services do you typically travel out of town for? Be as specific as possible (i.e. grocery items or options, specific medical professionals, entertainment/sporting facilities, etc.)
Your answer
What businesses and/or services are lacking in Gravelbourg?
Your answer
What would you say is Gravelbourg's greatest asset? *
Your answer
What about the community concerns you the most? *
Your answer
In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing Gravelbourg? *
Your answer
What project would you like to see undertaken Gravelbourg in the next 5 years?
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Optional: If you moved to Gravelbourg, what led you to choose our community?
Your answer
Suggestions or comments
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