Employment at Cunningham Lawn Care
Hello, this is David Cunningham, President and Founder of Cunningham Lawn Care, LLC. I’m thrilled you have interest in our high paying job opportunities. If you would like to work in a professional environment, with neat and clean facilities, a secure parking area for your vehicle and well maintained equipment to work with. You will be glad you found Cunningham Lawn Care.

We recently asked our current team members this question. Why do you enjoy working at Cunningham Lawn Care? Frankly, I was humbled by some of the responses. Like this one from one of our Crew Leaders who said “I like to company's overall flexibility: you work to accommodate employees and make things easier for them in a way other employers simply won't (and will often lie about to score hires). Between that and the sensible scheduling, there's a focus on the well-being of your workers that you don't see many other places.”

Here are 8 reasons you would love working at Cunningham Lawn Care.
1) Our typical work schedule is Mon-Thurs 7:45am-6:15pm for full time positions. Part time positions have flexible hours.
2) We offer top pay and paid time off on holidays so you have more time for your family.
3) We provide paid training, which means you have the opportunity to earn more as you become more valuable to our team.
4) You get to work with nice people. We won’t yell or cuss at you. We will say thank you and nice job when you perform great work.
5) You will get paid every Friday via direct deposit, so you will have your money faster.
6) You will be asked to work smart and report any issues that arise to your supervisor immediately.
7) You will know exactly what is needed to move up in pay and positions within our team.
8) You will get to work with a great group of people and have the opportunity to make a career.

Once again, these were some of the reasons to get excited about working at Cunningham Lawn Care. However, not everyone is qualified to work at Cunningham Lawn Care. I’m going to ask you 5 questions that will let you know if you're qualified to join our team. Please select yes or no to each of the following questions. Each one of these is preceded by one of Cunningham Lawn Care’s employee policies. If you answered no to any of the five questions, then unfortunately your not qualified to work at Cunningham Lawn Care at this time. If anything changes, please come back and apply. If you answered yes to all five questions, then please complete the entire application.

Following these steps is a requirement for employment consideration. If you follow these steps, I give you my word that I will look at your application and give it consideration. I’m David Cunningham, President and Founder of Cunningham Lawn Care. I want to thank you for your time.
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