Hudson Summer Youth Bus Rider Registration
The Hudson Summer Youth Bus runs every weekday, beginning Monday, July 16th and ending Friday, August 10th. The route begins in downtown Philmont, goes through Claverack, Stottville and Greenport and continues to Hudson, dropping youth off at summer programs at Oakdale Lake, the Youth Clubhouse, the Hudson Area Library and Kite's Nest. The bus will return from those locations in Hudson in the afternoon, dropping off at the same stops as it picked up. If your child wants to ride the bus, please fill out the registration form below and indicate that you grant permission to Columbia County Department of Social Services and Michael Johnston Bus LLC to provide transportation for your child. If your child is younger than 10 years old, they must be accompanied by someone 16 or older at the bus stop for pick-up and drop-off.

For questions regarding bus route and ridership, contact Michael Johnston Bus Co at 518-672-4901.
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Your child's Bus Stop Pick-Up Location - Mornings, beginning at 8:15am in Philmont (pick-up times may vary 5 mins early or late, so please be at the stop at least 5 mins in advance) *
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Permission - I herby give my child permission to ride the Summer Youth Bus, provided by the Columbia County Department of Social Services and managed by Michael Johnston Bus, LLC. Please write your full First and Last name below to grant permission for your child to ride the bus. *
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