Vintage Valentine Serenade by Marnie
Say "I Love You" in an unforgettable way this Valentine's Day!

Tired of the old flowers and chocolates? Looking for a memorable gift for your Valentine?

Then, shake it up! Say "I Love You" with Marnie's Vintage Valentine Serenade! This will be a treat your sweetheart soon won't forget. Marnie will serenade your sweetheart with two custom arranged love songs, performed with her trusty ukulele, while dressed for the occasion in a vintage valentine themed outfit. In addition, your sweetheart will receive a custom gift bag of local goodies curated by Marnie.

Your Singing Valentine Package includes:
2 songs (you may select below)
1-Helliemae's Passion Fruit Caramels
1-The Flowered Life Peppermint Everyday Lip Balm
1- Jar of Relaxing Bath Salts created by Marnie
PLUS a vintage themed greeting card with a personal message customized from you!

Available: Thursday, February 14, 2019
Location: Denver and Boulder area
Price: Only $67.00 (10am-6pm) / $97 (6-8pm)
Virtual Valentine: $20 (I will record a special concert just for your loved one and share via dropbox)
Availability: Limited availability, booked on a first come first served basis

Easy to set up in 3 steps...
1. Fill in information below
2. You will be sent a link for payment
3. Pay through Square secure online payment format

That's it! You're in.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Marnie at:

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***As you know, I am only one person; and it's a big area to cover between Denver and boulder. I will do my best to deliver the singing valentine during your desired time but do ask for some flexibility just in case. If for travel purposes, I need to rearrange the timing, I will contact you immediately! ***
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Thank you so much for thinking of me to share in this Valentines Day surprise! I look forward to entertaining your loved one. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Your Truly, Marnie
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