Please complete the attached form. This enables us to have the information we need to put up a post. We place animals into homes for foster care and do not operate out of any premises so it may take us between a day or up to a week to find a suitable foster carer. We are a volunteer run organisation and cannot guarantee finding a foster carer for your pets, so you do need to keep looking for other solutions for your pets care.

For any hospital or medical admissions, we now need verification proof of hospital admission, or an email from a medical professional stating that the owner is having treatment. For refuge applications, we need a social worker to verify that they are assisting the owner. Due to previous abuse of our services , this is now an entry requirement if we proceed to the foster stage.

Due to not having premises and overwhelming demand, if you are experiencing homelessness or accommodation issues we are unable to help so we advise you seek other charitable agencies or solutions. For domestic violence  we will need at least two or more people to register an interest in fostering before we can accept pets into care and need a referral from a domestic violence agency or a social worker. We are short term only and homelessness is usually a longer term situation, so we are  we are regretful we are not able to assist in these circumstances. 

We will be the point of contact and assess foster offers for suitability. Please be honest in answers so we do not place barking dogs and/or not toilet trained dogs in apartment units. All cats will be fostered in an indoor only foster care so we do not lose your cat. 

We ask that you send a photo or two of each animal through to, as we get a better response. People will identify with a photo and share to others and also breed specific foster carers will apply. Please put animals name in subject line.

For fostering, once a foster carer is found, you will sign a contract for the period of foster care and foster carer will also sign a contract stating the pet will be returned when we ask. Please note all contact is to Paws and Recover and owner and foster carers will not receive each others details, nor are able to visit pets.

I hope we can help you. 
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