Activity Bus Rules

*Inspect the bus prior to leaving the bus lot.
*Speed Limit is 55 mph on all state highways and 60 on interstates. 40 on county roads.
*ALL occupants must wear seat belts!! It is the LAW!!!!!
*Stop at all railroad crossings using hazard lights.
*DO NOT BLOCK Emergency Exit Doors or Windows or Aisles.
*Do not block lines of sight (including passenger windows).
*Secure all Equipment.
*At the conclusion of each trip, the driver must visually inspect each seat to determine that no students or passengers remain on the bus!
*Area between the back seat and back wall of bus cannot be used for storage (this does not include the cargo area).
*Lock gates when you leave and return.
*Put all trash in the wastebasket. The coach is responsible to check the bus for cleanliness.
*Put up all windows.
*Leave the keys in the bus, under the driver’s seat. LOCK THE VAN!!
*The back door [Emergency door] IS NOT to be used for loading and unloading students.
*No cell phone usage while driving corporation buses.
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Railroad Crossings
•All buses MUST STOP at ALL railroad crossings
•Activate hazard warning lights at least 200 feet prior to the tracks
•Must stop no further than 50 feet back and no closer than 15 feet
•Must Stop, open door and driver window, request silence, close door, proceed only when safe and without shifting gears, and turn off hazard warning lights when rear bumper is beyond 15 feet past nearest rail or speed is built up

What do you do if the lights are flashing and you see/hear no train?
Only proceed if:
Law enforcement signals it is ok at the location or train company
official or Transportation Director or designee gives verbal permission
Multiple tracks require that you have enough room across ALL tracks NEVER cross if there is not enough room on the opposite side of the crossing to safely

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Emergency Exits
*Emergency exits, doors, windows, exit windows, roof exits, and service door must NOT be blocked

*Exits must be kept clear!


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Post-Trip Inspection
*State Law requires individuals to walk the aisle way and physically check on, under, around seats for left items and individuals

*Only the driver may inspect the bus for individuals or left items

*It is state law that drivers check their bus after EACH run. If students are left on the bus after the driver has exited the bus, the driver/employee will be terminated according to the law.

*Walk to outside of the bus and check for damage – report if necessary.
I have read and understand these rules. *
If you are involved in an accident that causes injury, property damage to other’s property, or renders the bus inoperable, you are required to call 911. A police report MUST be filed by the police responding to the accident.
You will also need to notify one of the following:

Transportation Director
Kevin Fischer – 765-230-7055

Transportation after hours cell phone available from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm 765- 376-3926

If you are involved a minor accident, you MUST report it to transportation upon returning.

We all know that an accident is stressful; however it is very important for you to remain calm and make the correct decisions regarding the safety of everyone involved. At the accident scene be careful what you say to anyone and only discuss the accident with a school representative or a police officer. Always tell the truth; however do not volunteer information to anyone at the scene.

*Should an accident occur, it is the bus driver’s responsibility to control the situation by remaining calm. Panic or emotional response will only make matters worse. The following steps should be used in the event of an accident:
*Stop the bus; turn off the engine if needed.
*Determine if any passengers are injured. Take care of their welfare first.
*Have students remain in the seats occupied at the time of the accident. Keep calm: Do not argue or try to place blame.
*Place reflectors out as soon as possible.
*Do not allow students to leave the bus unless safety dictates otherwise.
*Under no condition shall students be allowed to wander around. Have them wait until other
transportation comes for them.
*If necessary, send two responsible students for help.
*The Transportation Director or Assistant Transportation Director will notify the building principal served by this bus.
*The building principal or other administrator will attempt to contact parents of students with possible injuries.
*The driver will complete, in a timely manner, all accident report forms required by CCSC, law enforcement officials, and insurance companies. Reports are required of all accidents involving personal injury or property damage.
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I have viewed Crawfordsville Community School’s presentation on Activity Bus Training, and/or have been trained by the driver trainer. Upon completion of the training, I understand the following:
*The maximum speed on an Interstate Highway is 60MPH
*The maximum speed on a township or county road is 40MPH
*All passengers MUST wear seatbelts
*The bus must stop at all railroad crossings
*Nothing should block the rear emergency door or be in the aisle
*No students are to enter/exit the rear emergency door (unless in an emergency).
*Emergency phone numbers & accident information is in the binder in console
*This signature form must be on file with the Transportation Department PRIOR to me driving a bus
By entering your name, you have read and understand to follow all rules and procedures discussed in this form. *
Driver's License
A color copy of your driver's license must be turned into Betsy Hamm at the CCSC Transportation office in order to be eligible to drive an activity bus.
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