Mouser Pre-Adoption Questionnaire
Thank you for submitting your application to Seattle Humane! Someone from our adoptions team will be reaching out to you. This may be done over email or over the phone and may be from a restricted or blocked number. We work on a first-come, first-served basis.  Unfortunately, we need to move on to the next applicant if you do not answer our call. These cats are very stressed in shelter environments so we are dedicated to moving them out as quickly as possible. However, don't be discouraged, our Mouser Program allows for prospective adopters to be added to our wait-list to be called the next time cats are available.  

 Please refrain from contacting us as this will slow down the overall process. Thanks again and we'll be in touch!
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Mousers at Seattle Humane are designated feral/ community cats who have either had zero to little contact with humans or the contact with humans has diminished over time.  Feral cat's ideal living spaces are barns, factories, or workshops and they may be interactive or always prefer distance from humans. They do best when adopted in pairs of two or more.  Are you interested in mouser cats?     *
Have you had a mouser or barn cat before? *
What do you need mousers for?  
How many mousers are you interested in? (we recommend they are adopted in pairs) *
What kind of structure will the mouser reside in on your property?   *
If you are able to allow for a 3 week to 1 month transitional space before giving the cat access to the outdoor, you can increase the chances of the cat remaining on your property.  Can you commit to this suggested plan?   *
Can you provide warm shelter, veterinary care, and and an ongoing source of daily food and fresh water for the life of the cat?   *
Do you prefer the mouser to be: *
What type of rodent deterrents do you use currently (i.e.  poison or traps)? *
Do you live near a busy street? *
If you have pets, would you like resources on managing possible interactions?   *
If you travel or move,  can you arrange for the ongoing care or relocate them to a home that will?   *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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