Let FarmRaise find you better loans
Are you struggling to find affordable farm loans? Do you want to refinance? Our team at FarmRaise wants to help you negotiate better farm loan terms. We do this for free (if we successfully find you a deal, we would charge the bank and not the farmer). If you're interested in having FarmRaise find you loans, just fill out the form below. If enough farmers sign up, we'll get to work!

Don't worry, we won't share your personalized info with banks without your permission or do a credit check.

No strings attached or pressure to accept any deal we find for you: only take it if you like it!

Our service is 100% free. FarmRaise charges the bank, not the farmer, a small percent of any deal successfully reached. We're doing this because farmers have told us that they want access to more affordable loans. We believe in the power of collective action to achieve better outcomes and are applying this approach to loan demand.

How it works:

1)Farmers sign up

2)If there's enough farmer interest, we'll create a pool of loan demand and work to get banks to bid on our group business

3) We aim to use group buying power to get better loan terms for the farmers in the "pool"

4)If the negotiations are successful, FarmRaise then chooses the bank that offers the best terms for the group and shares the offer with farmers in the loan pool

5)Each farmer looks at their individual loan offer and decides whether or not they want to take it. Producers can make this individual decision and do not have to accept the offer if they don't like it!

More questions?
Reach out to Jayce and Sami at info@farmraise.us We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about our team and FarmRaise: www.farmraise.com
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