FREE ADVICE: the MELT edition!
Performance Space New York, small theater
150 First Avenue, Floor 4
New York, NY 10009

Questions? Email us at:

FREE ADVICE takes places on Thursday, July 12, 6:30-9:30pm.
An evening of co-mentorship and round-table discussions.
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Below is your wishlist. At FREE ADVICE, we use each participant's 3 needs and 3 areas of expertise to pair you with your mentors and mentees.
Whatever needs and expertise you possess are valid and valuable to FREE ADVICE. Areas of need or expertise might include: advice and/or resources related to artistic process, including hiring/getting hired, rehearsal culture and ethics, grants and funding, space and residencies, getting presented; practical matters such as freelance work, insurance, healthcare, housing; and wellness-related resources, including where to look for bodywork or somatic instruction, injury treatment and prevention, self-care, mental health resources, and recipes or restaurants for good eating. We believe you are an expert based on your individual life experience. Expertise does not mean you must have formal training or certification.
List 3 current needs (areas in which you could use guidance or support from a good witch):
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