Uncommon Sense: Show Experience
Thank you for attending the premiere performances of Tectonic Theater Project's "Uncommon Sense." We were delighted to have you join the Cedar Valley community as we gathered to hear stories from our friends near and throughout the world, considering the spectrum of neurodiversity.

"Uncommon Sense" offers Iowans a national stage to engage the world in powerful dialogue, not only furthering the development of awareness, but more so, nurturing deeper understanding and sincere appreciation for persons on the spectrum.

Please, take a few minutes to share with the Gallagher Bluedorn and Tectonic Theater Project your experience with the play, "Uncommon Sense."

What, if any, were your expectations for "Uncommon Sense?"
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Was there a moment in the play you connected with?
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How would you describe "Uncommon Sense" to your friends, family, and neighbor?
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Please feel free to share any other comments
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