Good Morning Students! Rutgers University is partnering with Arts High School to tailor your advisories to be more effective in your future. We are conducting this assessment in order to be able to identify areas of growth in the students at Arts High. Below is a list of 12 sentences that tell how students sometimes feel. Read each sentence and circle the number that tells about you the best.
0= Never
There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer every sentence and do your best. Have a great rest of your day!
We are asking for you name only for Rutgers personnel to utilize for data collection. Please enter your name below *
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What grade are you in? *
I like doing things for others *
I understand how other people feel *
I could teach someone else how to calm down when they are angry *
I care what happens to other people *
I think before I act *
I make good decisions *
I think about my problems in ways that help *
I can name lots of different feelings *
I know how to change my negative thoughts *
I am able to handle problems that really bother other students *
I work well with other students on school projects *
I can identify errors or mistakes in the way I think about things *
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