The 8th National Human Rights Defenders' Forum
Dear Human Rights Defender,
HRCU is pleased to inform you that the 8th National Human Rights Defenders' Forum is around the corner. It is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th March, 2021 at a venue that will be communicated in the final invitation.

The forum will be conducted under the theme: Human Rights Defenders and the Democratisation Process: The Need For More Involvement.

HRCU requests you to apply for the said forum by responding to the following questions:
Location/Address of the Organisation:
Designation/Position Held
Have you ever attended the annual HRDs' forum?
If Yes, what year(s) was/were that/those?
What will be your contribution/offers to the upcoming forum?
What do you expect to take away from the forum?
How do you intend to utilize the knowledge you will gain from the forum to advance human rights promotion and protection in your community?
Are there any further thoughts you would like HRCU to take note of in the preparation and conduct of the 8th HRDs' Annual forum?
Thank you for your interest in participating in the forthcoming forum
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