A—Z Collective First Ever Questionnaire
As we start to form a more co-created framework for further working together, we hope to get a pulse of where everyone is. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you are relating to the concept, the workshops, the experimental but intentional organization of A—Z in the year to come. The questionnaire takes about 7-8 minutes to fill out. We would appreciate results by Wednesday, April 12th. Thank you!
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What If... Explosion, March 9, 2023
Did you attend either of the A—Z Collective Workshops so far?
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What was the major takeaway I would like to build on?
What do I hope to get out of the A—Z Collective?
Be in a network of like-minded humans that might help me with my professional life
A space to explore experimental design with others
Have fun, gather, and exchange experiences and ideas
Learn about intentional community building and decentralized organizing
Make installations, programming, or performaces
Learn about experimental design and curatorial frameworks
To co-create in meaningful ways
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Row 2
Row 3
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What would I say my enthusiasm/commitment to the A—Z Collective could be?
I don't really have time or energy to commit
I can't wait to give all I got to the initiative
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I would like to elaborate about my commitment and enthusiasm question above....
How might I define my practice, skills & expertise?
What else do I call myself sometimes?
What is my superpower?
I would like to be involved with governance forming and core decision-making...
Na, no thanks
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I would like to be involved in event concept, planning and realisation...
Na, no thanks
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I would like to be involved in fund-raising, grant writing, and book-keeping...
Na, no thanks
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I would like to be involved with writing, documentation and public-facing engagement...
Na, no thanks
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I am happy to support from the side with tasks that don't require much time commitment...
I prefer to be involved in a more core function
That's me!
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I have ideas of exhibitions, events and performances I want to work on...
I don't have the bandwidth or expertise
yes yes yes yes yes!
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What else might I add to how I could see my engagement with A—Z Collective...?
Our 3rd event is Saturday, April 15 from 12-16:00. Will I be able to attend? 
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If I know or think I will join, what do I hope to contribute or get out of the third event? 
LASTLY --- I have a couple of ideas of what we could call the collective..... (anything goes!)
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