Congregational sign-on: Maryland Clean Energy Jobs
We’re inviting your congregation to sign our resolution in support of the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative.

Across Maryland, our faith communities understand that burning fossil fuels for electricity is pouring heat-trapping climate pollution into our atmosphere, causing climate change that hurts our neighbors, close to home and around the world. For too long, here in Maryland, communities of color, our children, and our elders have paid for dirty energy with their health.

We’re calling on our legislators in Annapolis to follow our lead. Interfaith Power & Light and Chesapeake Climate Action Network are gathering faith communities across Maryland in signing a resolution in support of The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative. This is a powerful opportunity to expand clean energy in our state, create good jobs, and do our part to reduce carbon pollution.

Working together with labor, health, and environmental groups, we’re forming a grassroots movement to expand and strengthen Maryland’s clean energy law (Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS):

• Our traditions teach that the wind and sun are blessings, and state RPS laws are a powerful tool for advancing clean energy like wind and solar power. We’re seeking to expand Maryland’s RPS to require half of our energy come from renewable sources by 2030.

• In hard times, families turn to their religious communities for assistance, and we see the critical need for good, family-supporting jobs. We’re seeking to fund clean energy workforce development to ensure that our neighbors, particularly women and people of color, prosper in the clean energy economy.

• Over the last few years, we’ve seen polluters try to impose trash incinerators on low-income communities of color, most recently in Curtis Bay. Such facilities shouldn’t count as “renewable,” and we’re seeking to eliminate trash incineration from Maryland’s RPS as a critical first step in strengthening the law to fulfill its purpose of expanding clean energy.

Will you join us? Seven senior Christian leaders in the Ecumenical Leaders Group, including the Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and United Methodists bishops of Central Maryland, have signed this resolution.

You can read the resolution here:

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